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Recently Reviewed Contracts

Contract / Agreement Company Version / Updated Reviews Grade
Walmart Terms of Use Walmart Nov. 28, 2017 2
Tone It Up Terms & Conditions Tone It Up 1
License Agreement TaxSlayer 1/3/18 1
Venmo User Agreement Paypal, Inc. December 18, 2017 3
MoviePass MoviePass March 8, 2018 2
Terms of Service MLS Soccer February 1, 2017 1
Global Legal Hackathon Competition Official Rules Global Legal Hackathon Version 1, Febraury 2018 7
Coinbase TOS Coinbase August 23, 2017 2
Bittrex Terms of Service Bittrex April 2nd, 2015 2
AMEX Platinum Card American Express 12/31/2017 1
Airbnb Terms of Service Airbnb June 19, 2017 3
Adelina Skin Cream Terms and Conditions of Use Adelina Skin Does not say 1

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